Vol 5, No 3 (2018), published: 15 October 2018

Table of Contents

Evaluation of ‘Right to Disconnect’ Legislation and Its Impact on Employee’s Productivity
Luc Pansu (pp. 99-119)
Keywords: Right to Disconnect, Work-Life Integration, Well-Being, Policy, Employee Relation, Productivity
Type: Research Paper
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A Comparative Study of Hajj Fund Management Institutions in Malaysia, Indonesia and Maldives
Aishath Muneeza, Amira Shuhadabinti Tamby Sudeen, Atiqoh Nasution, Ratih Nurmalasari (pp. 120-134)
Keywords: Hajj Funds Management, Maldives Hajj Corporation, Tabung Haji Malaysia, Badan Pengelola Keuangan Haji, Hajj Administration, Ministry of Religious Affairs
Type: Case Study
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Reflections on Practice-Centred Curricula in Teaching Entrepreneurship in Malaysia
Alex Avramenko and Mehrunishah Begum (pp. 135-152)
Keywords: Entrepreneurship Education, Practice-Centred Learning, Video Assessment, Lectorials, Practicals
Type: Research Paper
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