Vol 8, No 1 (2021), published: 15 March 2021

Table of Contents

A Case Study into the Motivations, Challenges and Opportunities in Crowdfunding: An Entrepreneurial Perspective
Chun Yan Wang, Kate Johnston, and Maeve Caraher (pp. 1-17)
Keywords: Crowdfunding, Innovation, Case Study, Entrepreneurship
Type: Case Study
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“It Helps if You Think of Yourself as a Radio Presenter!” A Lefebvrian Commentary on the Concerns, Conflicts and Opportunities of Online Block Teaching
Ben Harkin and Chrissi Nerantzi (pp. 18-35)
Keywords: Online block teaching, Lefebvre’s Trialectic, Online learning, Student engagement, Student-Tutor dissonance, Community
Type: Conceptual Paper
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Using Integrated Course Design for Flipped Classroom to Promote Active Learning of Lean Six Sigma for Supply Chains
Huay Ling Tay (pp. 36-50)
Keywords: Integrated Course Design, Flipped Classroom, Active Learning, Experiential Learning, Lean Six-Sigma
Type: Research Paper
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Understanding Post Contractual Turbulence in Public Private Partnerships: Themes and Issues
Moses Onyoin (pp. 51-71)
Keywords: Public Private Partnerships, infrastructure, Africa, governance, post-contract
Type: Research Paper
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Lessons Learned by Organisations during the COVID-19 Pandemic
André de Waal, Julie Linthorst and Caroline Hetterschijt (pp. 72-90)
Keywords: COVID-19, Organizational Consequences, Organizational Actions, Lessons Learned, Impact on Business
Type: Research Paper
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